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Post image for 🎥 Big Data Preparation for Analytics – 2015 DBTA Webinar

🎥 Big Data Preparation for Analytics – 2015 DBTA Webinar

by David Friedland

BI and analytic tools cannot handle the volume, variety, velocity, and veracity challenges of big data. Today there are many ways to prepare (franchise) that data into the subsets that visualization platforms can ingest, but each typically involves trade-offs between performance, price, and capability.

In this webinar on Accelerating Data Processing for Analytics, DBTA asked Attunity and IRI to present their respective solutions for speeding BI. This video focuses on IRI’s current approaches to optimizing analytic tool performance (via CoSort), and its emerging data management platform (Voracity) that will combine big data integration, migration, governance, and analytics.

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