If you work with big or sensitive data, you know the performance, risk, complexity and cost factors involved in transforming, protecting, and delivering meaningful information from, that data.

Address these challenges with affordable, metadata-compatible software products that are unmatched in speed, ease, versatility and value.

Consolidate vendors, products, places -- and I/O passes -- with proven technology that performs, speeds, and combines data extraction, transformation, loading, migration, masking, munging, and reporting.

Use IRI's high-volume data management and data-centric protection software to:

  • save money on tools, hardware and services when integrating big data or migrating legacy data
  • meet deadlines and SLA commitments with faster DB unload, load, and ETL operations
  • produce BI reports, or hand-off data to other BI tools, during data integration and protection
  • comply with data privacy laws using industry-standard data masking methods and functions
  • generate safe, intelligent, and referentially correct test data without accessing production data
  • simplify or replace complex programs and platforms with open, self-documenting metadata
  • shrink time-to-delivery with simple, portable 4GL job scripts created and managed in Eclipse
  • lower costs of acquisition and ownership with affordable, perpetual use, one-stop-shop licensing

Turn high-volume data into information fast -- and keep private data secure -- without the cost or complexity associated with the acquired, less integrated tools that larger vendors offer. Exploit IRI's single, "integrated from the ground up" data definition and manipulation architecture.

Quickly design, deploy, and modify jobs in Eclipse, on the command-line, or from applications. Leverage expert services worldwide for specialized implementations.

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See the IRI solutions stack under the parent CoSort product framework here:

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