IRI CoSort

  • Integrate and stage big data fast
  • Transform, convert, mask and report
  • Speed DB loads, ETL and reorgs
  • Capture and report on changed data
  • Replace COBOL and SQL programs
  • Leave SyncSort, save money

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  • FAst extraCT tables to files
  • Speed ETL and reorg jobs
  • Accelerate DB migrations
  • Replicate and archive data
  • Apply formatting functions
  • Prep transforms and loads

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IRI NextForm

  • Convert CSV, LDIF, Text, XML
  • Flatten MF COBOL index files
  • Translate data and endian types
  • Re-map, replicate and federate
  • Structure unstructured data
  • Migrate from one DB to another

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IRI FieldShield

  • Comply with HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  • Mask DBs and files many ways
  • Encrypt, hash and de-ID fields
  • Create lookup pseudonyms
  • Apply content-aware DLP rules
  • Create multiple targets at once

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IRI CellShield

  • Search spreadsheets for PII
  • Auto-open discovered ranges
  • Point-and-click to protect
  • Encrypt, mask, or pseudonymize
  • Auto-append the audit trail
  • Manage everything centrally

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IRI RowGen

  • Stop testing with production data
  • Load DBs with sorted test data
  • Stress-test apps and ETL ops
  • Outsource work without NDAs
  • Construct huge benchmark files
  • Comply with privacy regulations

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IRI Workbench

  • Design and speed BI/ETL/ELT
  • Automate offline VLDB reorgs
  • Mask PII data across DB tables
  • Build safe, intelligent test data
  • ConvertĀ data types, files, DBs
  • Discover and manage metadata

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Overview IRI Data Manager (Suite) IRI Data Protector (Suite) IRI Voracity (Platform)

IRI's inter-related tools manage big data and protect sensitive data. Honed for speed and scalability, functional versatility and ease-of-use, interoperability and affordability, IRI software is the best way to address:

via the IRI Data Manager suite of tools:


via the IRI Data Protector suite of tools:



IRI products deliver:

  • the runtime efficiencies of task consolidation and file-system I/O
  • faster DW ROIs than legacy packages, ELT appliances, and Hadoop
  • shared, portable, and explicit metadata, and jobs supported in Eclipse

You can license IRI products alone, via the suites, or in a custom bundle.

The IRI Workbench is a free graphical user interface (GUI) and integrated development environment (IDE) that supports IRI products and their interactions with each other, and with your data and metadata. The IRI Workbench marries the proven performance and versatility of IRI software to the open job design and management facilities of Eclipse.

You can see an overview of our product stack here:

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