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Post image for 🎥 FieldShield Data Masking Software Demonstration

🎥 FieldShield Data Masking Software Demonstration

by Rob Howard

Demonstration of using the IRI Workbench to create field masking scripts with FieldShield. FieldShield is a uniquely powerful data-centric security tool for personally identifying information (PII) and other sensitive data in database columns and flat-file fields. FieldShield masks data with multiple encryption and de-identification functions that you choose according to your business rules. FieldShield is the solution if you need fast, targeted, and auditable data security for your relational databases, or files in text, CSV, LDIF, XML, COBOL or other sequential formats.
FieldShield shields sensitive fields in database tables and flat files with a choice of protections. Encrypt, mask, pseudonymize, and filter data according to business rules to de-identify or remove individualizing characteristics without cutting off access to the rest of the data or changing its basic appearance. FieldShield’s optional audit trail verifies compliance with data privacy laws, and its Eclipse-based GUI make job design, sharing and deployment easier.

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