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CoSort 9.5 … New Features

by Lisa Mangino

CoSort 9.5 is Here!
New Release Supports Unicode Data and ODBC in Eclipse IDE

CoSort 9.5After more than two years of development since the release of CoSort® 9.1.3, IRI is now shipping CoSort 9.5.1 on Unix, Linux and Windows.

CoSort uses a fourth-generation data definition and manipulation language called SortCL to transform, convert, protect, and report on “big data.” SortCL is used for:

  • legacy sort and data migrations
  • data warehouse staging (ETL) operations
  • data franchising (preparation) for BI tools
  • database reorg and load pre-sorting
  • detail, summary and delta (CDC) reporting
  • field-level encryption and data masking

In the new release, SortCL users can directly address relational table data along with very large sequential (flat) files, as well as a wide range of multi-byte characters in both native and Unicode formats. The new version also features a graphical, integrated development environment (IDE) built on Eclipse for SortCL job design and execution. This “IRI Workbench” is a free option and replaces the former ‘gui2scl’ and ‘guiagent’ applications.

To summarize, the new features in CoSort 9.5 are:

  • ODBC source and target data processing. CoSort users can source and target data in Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, SAP, MySQL, Sybase, Teradata etc.
  • Selection, transformation, and test data generation  for native multi-byte forms and Unicode UTF-8 and 16
  • Expanded support for numeric data types and field formatting attributes like implied decimal
  • Graphical job wizards, form editors, dialogs and syntax-aware script editing for SortCL job design
  • Graphical tools to discover, import and populate file and table metadata for use in SortCL jobs
  • Graphical, automated and bulk metadata conversion of legacy sort parameters like SyncSort
  • Data lineage and team-based version control for SortCL job scripts

If you would like to try CoSort 9.5 and its Eclipse GUI, call 1-800-333-SORT, email, or visit

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