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Diving Deeper into Data Management



Custom Data Manipulation and Security Solutions

by Lisa Mangino

Data Management and Protection Expertise – IRI Professional Services Now Open

Data Manipulation

In response to customer requests for bespoke applications across a broad range of data processing requirements, IRI now has an in-house business unit for the implementation of custom data transformation, ad hoc reporting, and data security solutions.

Leveraging CoSort’s SortCL functionality and the ability to integrate specialized input and output procedures, complex field-level transformations, and third-party APIs, IRI engineers can develop, test, and deliver packaged software and solutions for:

  • data warehouse (ETL) acceleration
  • legacy sort and data migration
  • data encryption and masking
  • test data generation
  • VLDB load / unload
  • data validation and comparison
  • changed data capture
  • data franchising (staging for BI)
  • SQL procedure, shell and 3GL program replacement
IRI developers can also work with system integrators and value-added resellers to build new, vertical market offerings, such as: a Hadoop-based telco data warehouse to process large CDR volumes across a grid, a HIPAA-compliant medical database marketing product, and PCI-compliant credit card and core banking operations. Click here for more information.
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