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ETL, ELT & IRI in Between

by Jason Koivu

The IRI data management platform Voracity, as well as its constituent tools, can perform and speed big data warehouse extract, transform, load (ETL) operations, delaying the need for new hardware or expensive proprietary appliances:

For ETL, Voracity supports:

  • FAst extraCT (FACT) for native, parallel VLDB extraction
  • CoSort’s Sort Control Language (SortCL) and Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Storm, and Tez for big data transformations (that run much faster than other ETL tools or DBs)
  • Optimized bulk database loads via pre-sort

and in ELT,

  • FAst extraCT (FACT) extraction
  • bulk database loads via pre-sort
  • available transformations written in SQL* but performed outside the DB

The same is true for ETLT and other hybrid approaches. For more information, see:


*  SQL syntax is supported, but full procedures must be hand-translated or auto-converted to IRI Voracity jobs via AnalytixDS software

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