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Voracity: Total Data Management

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Faster Data Mastering Solutions

Voracity is the only high-performance, all-in-one data management platform. Control your data in every stage of the lifecycle, and extract maximum value from it.

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Where Big Data, DW/BI, and Governance Converge

Profile enterprise data sources. Speed or leave legacy DBs and ETL tools. Mask PII. Create test data. Prepare and report on data. Simplify, scale, and save on your data projects. Voracity does it all.

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Multiple Sources, Functions, Engines, and Design Options

Voracity combines data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics in a managed metadata framework built on Eclipse™. Leverage the proven power of IRI CoSort, Hadoop MR2, Spark, Spark Stream, Storm, and Tez.

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Voracity Use Cases

Big Data Analytics

big data analytics

Power CDR DWs, clickstream and IoT analytics, plus billing and batch jobs. Learn more from your data and harness the monetary value of information.

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ETL Modernization

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Combine and optimize data transformations with CoSort or Hadoop engines. Speed or leave legacy ETL tools with automatic metadata conversion.

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Data Governance

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Find data, capture changes, improve quality, and mask PII in multiple sources. Classify, cleanse, and comply with data privacy laws.

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Central Control of Data


  • Search & Classify
  • Create Metadata
  • Dark Data Search
  • DB Search & Stats
  • Integrity Check
  • E-R Diagrams
  • File Search & Stats
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  • Greenfield ETL
  • Speed Legacy ETL
  • Convert ETL Jobs
  • Single I/O
  • Federate & Report
  • SCD, CDC & DQ
  • CoSort or Hadoop
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  • Data Types
  • File Formats
  • Endianness
  • Reformat Records
  • Replicate Data
  • Switch Databases
  • Mapping Rules
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  • Mask PII/PHI
  • Cleanse & Enrich
  • Unify Data
  • Audit Changes
  • Manage Metadata
  • Subset Databases
  • Create Test Data
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  • Visualize in BIRT™
  • Boost© & C Stats
  • Segment & Predict
  • Capture Changes
  • Spot Trends
  • Analyze Logs
  • Report or Prepare
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  • Profile & Acquire
  • Cleanse & Unify
  • Protect & Audit
  • Process & Provide
  • Express & Predict
  • Convert & Copy
  • Publish & Share
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Voracity User Profiles

  • CDOs who want a simple, standard foundation for digital business
  • CFOs who want to leave high-cost megavendor ETL and specialty tools
  • CIOs who tire of inefficient and expensive DB/ETL appliances
  • CISOs who want sensitive data found, masked, and verified
  • DBAs who want to accelerate, migrate, and prototype VLDBs
  • DW/BI and big data architects who want a simpler way to design and run jobs
  • Business users who need unified and reliables views of master/customer data
  • Data scientists who need to locate, clean, and analyze disparate data faster
  • Developers who need to build, speed, test, and benchmark applications
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