IRI Voracity (Platform)

Discover, Integrate, Migrate, Govern, Analyze

Voracity is the only end-to-end data management platform with proven speed, ease-of-use, and affordability.

Use Voracity to: accelerate insights, speed or leave legacy DBs and ETL tools, protect PII and comply with privacy laws, create test data, blend and prepare data for analytics, and manage data and metadata.

With Voracity, you can stop buying speciality software AND more hardware every time your data or solution needs change.


and Simplify

Profile data and apply rules in BI/DW and compliance ops. Use easy job design wizards, dialogs, diagrams, and scripts in Eclipse.

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and Save

Mash, mask, munge, and mine data in one place. Re-platform legacy ETL tools, costly appliances, and disjointed Apache projects.

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and Scale

Move and manipulate big data with speed and scalability using CoSort or Hadoop. Schedule, share, tune, and trace your jobs.

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The new IRI Voracity® total data management platform combines data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics in a managed metadata framework built on Eclipse™. Voracity leverages the proven performance of IRI CoSort or Hadoop MR2, Spark, Storm or Tez engines for speed and elasticity.

Voracity not only meets the data volume, variety, velocity and veracity challenges of digital business, it enables collaboration between IT and business users with embedded BI and tie-ups with other visualization platforms.

Speed (6-12X) OR leave legacy ETL tools (automatically) and save 5-50X the cost. Replace BI, CDC, data masking, preparation, profiling, quality, and test data tools.

Voracity Use Profiles

Big Data Analytics

Voracity engines power CDR DWs, clickstream and IoT analytics, and billing and batch jobs. Learn more about your customers and promote what they want.

ETL Modernization

Voracity combines and optimizes data transformations with CoSort or Hadoop engines. Speed or leave legacy ETL tools with automatic metadata conversion.

Data Governance

Voracity finds data, captures changes, improves quality, and masks PII, in multiple sources. Discover, cleanse, and comply with data privacy laws.

Consider IRI Voracity if you are a:

  • CDO who wants a simple, standard foundation for digital business
  • CFO tired of writing big checks for megavendor ETL and specialty tools
  • CIO who knows DB/ELT appliances are inefficient and expensive
  • CISO who wants sensitive data found and masked, then verified
  • DBA trying to accelerate, migrate, or prototype a VLDB
  • DW/BI or big data architect longing for simpler ways to design and run
  • business user needing a unified, reliable view of master/customer data
  • data scientist trying to locate, clean, and analyze disparate data faster
  • developer who needs to build, speed, test, and/or benchmark applications

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