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Re-platforming Informatica to Voracity ETL via AnalytiX DS CATfX

by Paul Kinnier

IRI CoSort continues to be a low-cost way to accelerate Informatica ETL via pushdown optimization, and IRI RowGen can generate safe, referentially correct test data for any EDW. However, the new IRI Voracity ‘total data management’ (and ETL) platform can now also replace Informatica ETL jobs through Code-Automation Framework (CATfx) templates and LiteSpeed Conversion (LCS) services from AnalytiX DS (ADS).

Consider these mappings in Informatica PowerCenter created by ADS:


AnalytiX DS users can connect to, and ingest these mappings, in the AnalytiX Mapping Manager (AMM).


This cloud-based, code-free mapping platform allows you to alter the mappings if necessary, and export them for use in other AMM-compatible tools like IRI Voracity:


To run the multi-mapping CAT option to convert several ETL tasks at once, right-click on Mappings in your Project folder. Then in the Multi-Mapping window, select specific or all mappings to run against the CATfX Templates that perform the conversion.


Here is a sample of the end-product, an IRI-Workbench-generated (or ADS-exported) CoSort SortCL data mapping script for IRI Voracity ETL workflows:

These tasks are visualized in transform mapping diagrams like these in the same IRI Workbench GUI for Voracity, built on Eclipse™:

These diagrams are part of larger ETL workflows and the rest of IRI Workbench:

The ability to migrate from legacy ETL tools is important to DW/BI architects and their managers for various reasons, including the need to save money, speed throughput, and reduce complexity. Email for more information about ETL tool migration and mappings, and for more information about Voracity and its many points of integration with ADS-supported metadata stratification, creation, and conversion capabilities.

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