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For more than 35 years, IRI has been a private, closely-held corporation operated by its founders. IRI's seasoned technical and business managers know how to harness the power of software, leverage the benefits of alliances, and develop the loyalty of customers.

Executive Officers

Paul Friedland - President/Chief Executive Officer

Paul Friedland founded IRI in 1978 to bring commercial sorting to open systems. IRI was the first company to provide mainframe-class sort/merge technology on Unix and Windows. Previously at Burroughs, Paul wrote the B6500-B6700 sort using co-routine architecture (hence "CoSort"), a library of extended precision mathematical routines, and much of their COBOL and FORTRAN compilers. He later headed development of the Research Analysis Language at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, a language used by the International Monetary Fund. Paul was the first graduate of the Computer Science Masters program at Penn State following his Bachelors of Mathematics. He taught Compiler Development at UC Irvine and Database Systems at Brooklyn Polytechnic (now NYU). At IRI, Paul continues to apply his theory and knowledge in sorting, languages, and database development.

David Friedland - Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

David Friedland started with IRI in 1988 to direct technology strategy and partner development. He now also holds daily management responsibility for the company, while continuing to oversee customer and channel growth, product line enhancement, marketing collateral, licensing agreements, and new projects. David holds a BS in Communications from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Albany (SUNY). Prior to joining IRI, he worked in high-tech public relations at Technology Solutions in Manhattan, recorded for the Voice of America, and reported for NBC Radio News in Seoul. David also travels extensively for IRI and speaks: to data management trends and developments in the IRI blog, with industry analysts and business partners, and at technology conferences.

Department Managers

Sue Gegner - QA & Support

Sharon Hewitt - Documentation

Jason Koivu - Marketing

Lisa Mangino - Sales

Don Purnhagen - R&D

Dale Robson - HR & Marcom

Luluk Soraya - Alliances

Project Directors

Vic Frisk - Infrastructure

Claudia Irvine - EMM & MDM

Gail LaPinsky - Cloud

Eric Leohner - Web

Chaitali Mitra - GUI Testing

Urvashi Saxena - Hadoop Testing

Dave Zsiga - Internals

Corporate Advisors

Dan Linstedt
Inventor of the Data Vault

Athena IT Solutions
Big Data Consulting

Bloor Group

Web Marketing

The Data Governance Institute
Privacy Law Compliance