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What's Inside

The IRI Data Protector suite is a vitrual collection of IRI software products that find, classify, and protect personally identifiable information (PII) and other "data at risk" to comply with CIPSEA, FERPA, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, SOX, and international data privacy laws like GDPR, LOPD and POPI.

an award by DBTA to the IRI Data Protector Suite for being a 2017 Trend-Setting Product

DBTA Magazine named the IRI Data Protector suite a "Trend-Setting Product for 2017" in its annual review of critical data security technologies. Click here to find out why!

an award by DBTA to the IRI Data Protector Suite for being a 2017 Trend-Setting Product

The IRI Data Protector Suite was also recognized by Corporate Vision magazine as the "Most Versatile GDPR Security Stack." CV Technology Innovator Awards are given to IT products that "dynamically push technology and business forward."

You can license the individual components, or everything the suite consists of:

for finding, masking (multiple), and change-auditing PII in flat- & semi-structured-file, ODBC, and HDFS sources
for finding, masking, encrypting, and pseudonymizing PII in Excel spreadsheets
for synthesizing safe, realistic, and referentially correct test data in DBs, files and reports
for monitoring, protecting, and auditing high traffic, multi-DB activity (DB firewall)
free Eclipse GUI supporting all IRI Data Protector and IRI Data Manager functionality
2017 in-situ and on-the-fly redaction and pseudonymization in .pdf, MS Office, images, JSON (with floating PII), etc. 

Take a deeper dive into the technology:

Suite Use Cases

The IRI Data Protector suite's constituent products address:

Licensing costs depend on which of the tools you need and the hardware on which they run.

Note that the current SortCL executable in IRI CoSort will run FieldShield and RowGen jobs. This means you do not have to license IRI Data Protector separately if you license IRI Voracity, or CoSort and use the IRI Workbench. However, there may be some additional support factors depending on the complexity of your requirements.

See this product feature-matrix, and the stack schematic below:

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