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"Voracity accurately transforms and maps billions of rows faster than anything we've tried. And we can afford it!"
"CoSort's sort and join speed is incredible, beating every DB, ETL and sort tool on the market. 50GB in 2 minutes. We're sold."
"FieldShield is extremely flexible; our customers can de-identify multiple columns with the same or different functions."
"The GUI is a great tool. I love its job design and editing features, and how easily I can engage sources and servers. Good stuff!"
"It's game-changing for data preparation too; Voracity removes the transformation overhead of big data from the BI layer."
"We chose CoSort to quarter the time batch reorgs took our airline clients on their multi-core systems."
"FACT unloads Oracle faster than any other tool and method we've tried."
"CoSort is not only the fastest flat-file manipulator on the market, but the best programmatically, functionally and financially."
"Voracity is great. You don't need a PhD to use it, a large purse to buy it, or a large technical team to support it!"
"IRI's support and commercial staff have always responded rapidly and fairly to our technical and business needs."
"The common IRI product metadata is rich, portable, and explicit ... and so much easier to learn and manage than our legacy code."
"We like how easy NextForm is to use, and how we relax about our COBOL file formats now. Use 'em as is or convert them whenever. No sweat."
"Our operations rely on such robust, commercial-grade products. CoSort proves that Unix is a cost-effective alternative to the mainframe."
"RowGen is the only test data tool generating billions of referentially correct rows without needing production data."
"CoSort is the original big data tool ... the thing sorts like a bat and scales linearly in volume."
"We use CoSort on classified and unclassified projects to provide data and information to this and other government agencies."
"IRI team: Your responsiveness and flexibility has been tremendous from day one."
"Cool that data quality is built into Voracity. I like how easy it is to do find/replace, de-dup, format-checking, etc."
"CoSort has saved Web Decisions weeks and possibly months of potential proprietary programming tasks."

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