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Semi-Structured Data

In addition to big structured data, IRI software can process certain classes of semi-structured data, for example:

  • ASN.1 call detail record (CDR) files
  • IDMS, IMS, and other legacy sources
  • MF-ISAM and Vision index files
  • MongoDB (JSON) and XML
  • Other NoSQL, Hive, an cloud / SaaS sources

Unstructured Data

You can now also search, extract, and structure data from unstructured text file sources in the IRI Workbench GUI -- and then do everything with the flat-file results in that environment.

Simultaneously find and organize strings based on patterns or specific values across: email repositories, .pdf, .rtf, MS Office (.doc/x, .ppt/x, .xls/x), .txt, .xml, and other files all at once. Then in the same GUI, use IRI software on the created flat files and their metadata for:

IRI software will later support social and A/V media sources for these purposes. The total trove of big data -- whether analyzed in batch or in real-time feeds -- is of great interest to business and government service providers.

The Bottom Line

IRI software - and its Voracity total data management platform in particular - is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to blend and prepare [package, protect, and provision] structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources ... within your existing IT infrastructure.

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