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Did you know that the world's largest: airline, appliance, banking, cable, health insurance, mutual fund, retail, trucking, and wireless companies use IRI software to process and protect their transaction data rapidly and affordably? Companies and government agencies around the world -- and the consultants they rely on -- trust IRI software to grow or improve their digital business.

We Learn From Our Customers

We have listened to our customers for more than 40 years, and they still steer our development. We will rely on your feedback from initial contact, to POCs and implementation, and all the support you may need along the way.

We are amazed by the ways people use IRI software, and the positive business outcomes they achieve with it, like:

  • identifying new customer, product, or margin opportunities
  • improving customer service and application quality
  • protecting PII and detecting fraud
  • breaking free of legacy platforms and vendors,  and saving a fortune

We take pride in our technology and in our relationships. And so, we look forward to listening to you next, and to helping you package and protect data faster and simpler, so you can save money on hardware and software, and close the skills gaps and digital deficits big data has wrought.

And You Can, Too

In this section, find out who's chosen:

  • IRI CoSort, for
    • big data transformations
    • data warehouse integration and staging
    • reporting
    • BI/DB/ETL acceleration
    • legacy sort migration

and its metadata-compatible spin-offs:

  • IRI FACT (Fast Extract), for unloading very large database (VLDB) tables
  • IRI FieldShield, for content-aware data masking, field encryption, etc.
  • IRI RowGen, for safe, intelligent test data creation and population
  • IRI NextForm, for data and database migration

and now, the total data management platform:

IRI Voracity, to get it all -- data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics -- in the same, free Eclipse GUI the sub-products share, IRI Workbench!

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