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The matrix below shows the feature-functions available in each IRI software product. They all include free use of the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™, and access to remote updates.

Expand your browser window horizontally and vertically to see all IRI products and their primary features, respectively. Click on the product names to explore their technical details, and/or request clarification below if what you're seeking is not listed. 

Matrix Key

green checkmark
Included and supported feature
blue checkmark
Included feature, but with limited functionality or support
yellow checkmark
Optional feature (partner technology)
Job Design
New Job Wizards
Dialog & Form Editors
Flow & Mapping Diagrams
Syntax-Aware Script Editor
Script Menus & Outlines
EMF & XML Metadata
Job Scheduling
AnalytiX DS Mapping Manager
Data Discovery
Dark Data Search/Structure
Schema Pattern Search
DB Classification
DB Profiling
ER Diagrams
Flat-File Profiling
Data Sources & Targets
Flat Files
Standard ODBC RDBs
FACT-Unloaded VLDBs
Big Data (HDFS, NoSQL)
COBOL Index Files
Applicance, Cloud, SaaS
Proprietary Mainframe
Excel Spreadsheets
Metadata Auto-Built From:
Flat Files and RDBs
JDBC DBs etc.
FACT-unloaded VLDBs
Legacy ETL Tools (via AnalytiX DS)
COBOL Copybooks
Big Data (HDFS, NoSQL)
COBOL Index Files
Applicances, Cloud, SaaS
Proprietary Mainframe
Gulfstream API JAR
JCL Sort Steps
Big Data Integration
Multiple Sources & Targets
IRI FACT (Fast Extract)
CoSort (SortCL) Transforms
MR2/Spark/Spark Stream/Storm/Tez
ETL Diagrams & Previews
Complex/Custom Transforms
Data Federation
Loading Config & DDL Creation
Cleansing & Validating
Change Data Capture
Slowly Changing Dimensions
Data Migration
Data Type Conversion
Endian Conversion
File Format Conversion
Database Conversion
Record Remapping
Data Replication
Dark Data Extract/Structure
Data Governance
Master Data Management via Reconciliation
Metadata Management
Data Cleansing/Quality
Cloud Metadata Management
Static Data Masking
Dynamic Data Masking
Test Data Generation
DB Subsetting
DB Firewall (DAM/DAP/DCAP)
Job Audit Logging/Reporting
Re-ID Risk Scoring
Deatil & Summary Reporting
BIRT Integration
Clickstream Analytics
Data Preparation / Blending
Lookups, Find/Replace
Stat & Math Functions
Cloud Dashboard
Streaming Analytics

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