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You need a simple, cohesive framework in which to govern and protect data while you: move it, transform it, cleanse it, and prepare it for analysis in reporting and visualization tools.

Most tools that prepare, govern, or analyze data are not integrated, and their interplays add layers of complexity that can impact performance and the availability of data. They also do not provide the audit trails needed to satisfy the requirements of your risk and controls framework.

data governance description and benefits

The IRI Voracity data management platform and its constituent tools support:

Voracity uses the built-in features of the IRI CoSort data management product -- or its spin-off IRI FieldShield or CellShield data masking tools -- to replace multiple processes with one, while providing simplicity, transparency, compliance and auditability.

Their common Eclipse GUI, IRI Workbench, provides a single-point of control for the specification of data and rules, plus the means to enact those rules during data integration, migration, protection, reporting, and auditing activities.

IRI Voracity solutions for data governance problems

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