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Recasts huge files fast; reliable, scalable migration of legacy data sets to client/server RDBs
Facilitates right-sizing initiatives, reduces data synchronization requirements, and saves time and money over custom coding or (the acquisition, implementation, and support of) legacy platforms
Converts over 100 data types
Allows data re-use in new platforms and applications
Structures unstructured data
Unlocks data elements and exposes associations for relational use
Re-maps field layouts
Supports pivot transformations, reporting needs, and database repopulation (inserts)
Data replication
Allows re-use of same or re-formatting data copies without new system re-generation, and facilitates data virtualization
Migrates database versions and platforms
Frees data and application from stale procedures,and frees company's locked into specific vendor terms
Built-in report generation
Migrate and expose information in multiple sources in custom displays suitable for billing and analytics
Interoperable metadata
Re-use source and target data definitions, as well as mapping and manipulation specifications in CoSort (for data transformation and reporting), FieldShield (data masking), and RowGen (test data generation)
Simple data and definition (metadata) syntax, optionally supported in purpose-built Eclipse GUI
Data migration tasks are easy to configure, run, modify, and share
Cross-platform; runs on Windows, Unix/Linux
The same jobs defined or run on one platform can be modified or run on any other
Low cost licenses and volume discounts
Immediate project ROI and low TCO for enterprise-wide deployment

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