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Common Challenges in BI & Analytics

In your quest to turn huge sets of data into actionable business intelligence (BI), consider these issues:

What's Your Approach? 

Reliable business intelligence and faster analytics are two of the biggest headaches for IT managers and data scientists. A whole industry of complex (and costly) ETL and data blending tools has arisen to help them munge and mine data faster.

Meanwhile, IRI CoSort and its spin-offs have been rapidly and affordably integrating, transforming, cleansing, and masking big data for BI and analytics for enterprises worldwide since 2003 (when it was called data franchising). Today we continue to excel at high-performance data preparation, wrangling, blending, or whatever you want to call it.

And because our customers' analytic and reporting needs and tools vary, the IRI Voracity platform support multiple ways to deliver information from the data its CoSort or Hadoop engines prepare. In fact, only IRI customers can leverage any -- or all -- or these approaches:

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