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The Project Explorer and Workflow management facilities in the IRI Workbench provide access to both reference and master data layouts (metadata), as well as the job scripts that comprise your projects.

The IRI Workbench supports flexible creation, storage, and modification of these elements through:

  • GUI dialogs and hubs
  • standalone metadata and script repositories
  • workflow properties
  • form editors
  • syntax-aware editing

But in addition to the search, creation, modification, and execution options in the Workbench, you can also share projects and exercise version control in the same way you would with source code. Project teams can collaborate on metadata, jobs, run configurations, and overall workflow. They can check their work in and out of free, familiar Eclipse plug-ins like GIT, Subversion and CVS:

A distributed metadata management repository like EGit supports IRI job script and other metadata asset:

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