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Platform and Data Availability

IRI FieldShield jobs work identically across all Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms. FieldShield jobs and library functions can be run from:

  • API calls
  • batch programs
  • command-line operations
  • database applications
  • SQL procedures (custom, in-situ)
  • The IRI Workbench GUI, built-on Eclipse™

There are no restrictions on table or file sizes, or the number of columns or fields. Most FieldShield functions can be applied to more than 100 single- and multi-byte data types in these sources.

Direct access to Excel, RDBMS tables, and many legacy data sources requires ODBC drivers. Among the flat-file formats that FieldShield can protect directly (without drivers) include: CSV (and other delimited), fixed-position text, flat XML, LDIF, CLR and ELF web logs, Micro Focus Variable Length (MFVL), and Unicode.

Licensing and Support Information

FieldShield is at Version 4.1. Development and production (concealment) licenses are available for perpetual and leased usage on Windows, Linux, and Unix hardware. License fees range from USD $15K to $25K in the US, and up to $35K per copy overseas, depending on configuration, location and support levels. Each license includes:

If you need to mask data in more proprietary, semi-structured, or unstructured data sources, see this page and tell us what you have.

Licenses are discounted in volume, for runtime integration, and for revelation (e.g. decryption, distributed anonymization) use only. Support is free in the first year, then optionally renewable thereafter. Licenses do not expire, and supported users enjoy free license transfers, disaster recovery licenses, and version upgrades.

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