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Many big data integration (DI) and staging jobs run too slowly, and bog down databases with transformations. Query performance can suffer, and time-to-solution for data segmentation, business intelligence, and dependent downstream applications grows.

And what are the most common responses?

  • Procrastination - chancing SLA-defined operations to shrinking production windows
  • Early betting - on complex tech like Hadoop, in-memory DBs, or proprietary ELT appliances
  • Partitioning - transforming data with multiple partitions and stages instead of a single-step
  • Open source ETL - requiring major hardware, consulting, and inefficient DB transformations
  • The Cloud - which adds security and bandwidth concerns to existing functional challenges

Beyond speed and scalability concerns lies ease-of-use. It takes months to get up to speed with most DI vendor platforms. Armies of consultants battle complex data architectures and ETL platforms.

The ways those platforms discover, track, govern and persist data, and manage metadata and master data, may be inadequate, cryptic, or inefficient.


The IRI Data Manager suite - including IRI FACT (Fast Extract), IRI CoSort, and their Eclipse GUI (IRI Workbench) - combines the best of proven techniques and cutting-edge technologies to address the functional and performance aspects of big data DI and ETL, without the complexity or costs typical of the alternatives.

Shrink both time to deployment and time to delivery.

CoSort integrates and stages large volumes of data in the file system through a powerful, but simple-to-use fourth generation data manipulation and reporting language (4GL) program called SortCL. Use SortCL and its ecosystem for fast, affordable ETL, and to:

  • Integrate disparate data sources and stage for multiple targets
  • Transform, pivot, map, report, and protect data all at once
  • Choose the best data movement strategy for each flow
  • Capture, act, and report on changed data and handle slowly changing dimensions
  • Filter, de-duplicate, cleanse, validate, and otherwise improve data quality
  • Migrate data types, files, and databases
  • Replicate, subset, and create composite data
  • Create test database and ETL/ELT test data
  • Follow business rules and data privacy laws (mask PII)
  • Optimize database unloads, loads. and reorgs
  • Design basic or advanced reports, or optimize other BI tools

IRI Data Manager software also accelerates ETL and BI tool performance, as well as DB operations, with scriptable, batchable solutions that run alongside your existing tools:

  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • IBM DataStage
  • ETI Solutions
  • Oracle and OWB
  • DB2
  • Sybase
  • SQL Server
  • ETI Solution
  • Flat Files
  • BOBJ
  • Cognos
  • Microstrategy

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