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IRI Workbench supports the discovery and definition of disparate data sources in both local and remote systems.

Built-in data classification, searching, profiling, forensic discovery, and metadata management tools directly support data integration, data masking, data migration, data quality, and data life-cycle management in the IRI Workbench.

Data Classification

Define and manage enterprise-wide data class libraries, and use them to apply transformation and protection field rules across multiple sources at once.

IRI Workbench Data Classification
ER Diagramming

Analyze the structure of, and relationships between, tables you select graphically in any connected database.

IRI E-R Diagram Wizard
Database Profiling

Compile statistics, check referential integrity, and search for lookup, string-, pattern-, and fuzzy-matching values in any JDBC-connected data source.

IRI Database Profiling Wizard
Flat-File Profiling

Compile statistics, and search for lookup, string-, pattern- and fuzzy- matching values in any sequential file format that IRI software supports.

IRI Flat-File Data Profiling Wizard
Dark Data Discovery

Find values in MS Office documents, .pdf and .rtf files, Email repositories, .HTML and .XML that matches strings and patterns. Extract the dark data and forensic metadata to DDF-defined flat files.

IRI Dark Data Discovery Wizard
Metadata Discovery

Connect to sequential files and relational databases. Define or re-define column names, offsets, and data types.

Save the metadata in reusable data definition files, compatible with every IRI software application.

IRI Metadata Discovery Wizard

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