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Turning your business into a digital business.

If you want a technology partner who knows how to make data work for you -- faster, safer, and more affordably -- you've come to the right place.

Founded in 1978, Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. is an independent software vendor (ISV) specializing in fast data management and data-centric protection. IRI uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to help you produce insight from a sea of data that's changing in size, shape, and speed.

IRI is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, and has support offices in more than 40 cities worldwide. IRI's success has come from the success of its customers. And part of their success comes from the ability we've given them to prepare, protect, present, and protype data so they can use it to drive gains and stem losses along their service and supply chains.

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IRI is best known for its flagship CoSort software, which has powered big data movement and manipulation for a generation. And now that engine -- along with Hadoop engines -- buttress an integrated product line and total data management platform called Voracity. They all share the same simple metadata and Eclipse GUI to handle both:

Data Management
including: Big Data Integration, Data Migration, and BI/DB/ETL Acceleration

Data Protection
including: Data Masking, Data Governance, Data Quality, and Test Data Creation

With "speed, ease, versatility, and value" in every IRI product, our users enjoy the fastest, simplest, and most affordable ways to: extract, transform, cleanse, reformat, encrypt, mask, validate, load, test, federate, and otherwise manage and secure their big data sources -- often in combination, and always without more hardware or unproven paradigms.

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Then, contact us to get the same price-performance and data-driven outcomes that IT managers, solution architects, consultants, and developers at the world's largest airline, banking, communication, delivery, e-commerce, financial services, government, hospitality, and insurance data centers get with CoSort and its offshoot software and services.