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The Data Center Secret Since 1978.

IRI continues to be a quiet leader in the data management software industry. Our customer base and technology stack grew from a powerful data movement and manipulation utility called CoSort. The CoSort engine -- and now seamless Hadoop options -- buttress a robust product line, and modern enterprise data curation platform called Voracity.

IRI's primary value proposition continues to be affordable speed in volume. That's why our routines also do the heavy lifting inside other jobs and products. That fact wins us accolades and a lot of loyal customers, but has also meant low visibility in boardrooms and magic quadrants, and no visibility on jetways or TV. 

As you consider what's important to you, also know that all IRI software shares the same simple metadata, and a modern Eclipse GUI for rapidly staging and running jobs that address both:

Data discovery, integration, migration,
or 3rd-party BI/DB/ETL platform acceleration
PII classification and masking, data cleansing, test data generation, and DB firewall

With "speed, ease, versatility, and value" in every IRI product, our users enjoy the fastest, simplest, and most affordable ways to: extract, transform, cleanse, reformat, mask, validate, load, test, analyze, and otherwise manage and secure their big data sets -- often simultaneosuly, and without more hardware, legacy vendor costs, or multi-tool complexity.


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Then, contact us to get the same price-performance and data-driven outcomes that IT managers, solution architects, consultants, and developers at the world's largest airline, banking, communication, delivery, e-commerce, financial services, government, hospitality, and insurance data centers do.

How Can We Help You?

Success in a data-driven business requires technology you can actually afford and use to rapidly process, protect, and a present data that comes from many sources, sizes, and states. IRI software does all that faster, cheaper, and simpler than anyone else, so you can:

  • use data to drive gains or stem losses
  • get more our of your curent hardware
  • speed legacy jobs or new applications
  • improve data quality and system reliability
  • protect PII and comply with data privacy laws

IRI is headquartered in Melbourne, on Florida's high-tech Space Coast. IRI software is supported by authorized licensing and service partners in more than 40 cities worldwide who are dedicated to the success of your use case.