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IRI RowGen is a complete solution for test data creation. Its core strengths are speed in volume, data privacy law compliance, functional versatility, and test data realism. Following are the basic features and functions:

Fast generation of billions of sorted rows
Creates data for full VLDB, EDW and ODS testing
Random data generation purely from metadata
Reduces complexity and risks from production data
Random selection of real data for testing
Enhances realism while still de-identifying PII
Easy-to-use 4GL and Eclipse GUI with wizards
Little to no learning curve and automatic job design
Generation metadata serialized in text scripts
Jobs are easy to modify, deploy, and re-use
Parses DB DDL and /or DDF metadata
Reduces errors and preserves metadata investment
Preserves referential integrity
Test data reflects production database/query behavior
CoSort engine inside
Simultaneous transformation, pre-sorting, report/format
Custom data formats, value ranges, report formats
Enhances realism when testing applications
GUID, UUID and NID generation
Immediately available, computationally valid values

And, a deeper dive into the technical aspects RowGen will reveal these attributes:

Mix and match real data with randomly generated data, using multiple selection criteria and > 120 different data types
Create many test (output) tables and/or files simultaneously and target your apps, BI simulations, and bulk loads (automatically)
Leverage your existing DDL information to populate structurally and referentially correct test databases and data warehouses
Build test data directly in your field (e.g., phone, date, SSN), report and flat-file formats (e.g., COBOL, CSV, LDIF, web log, XML, line/record/variable sequential)
Manipulate and format test data while it generates with: sorting; aggregation; custom filters (for subsetting), layouts, and transforms; page/report formatting; EVs, etc.
Express or select from any set of real data, numeric range, or distribution of values (linear, normal, percent, custom)
Populate test data directly into custom-formatted detail and summary (drill-down and roll-up) reports that can operate on the test values
Run RowGen on any current Unix, Linux, and Windows platform to use the power of your hardware and test data where you need it
Use the data layouts already defined in CSV headers, COBOL copybooks, SQL*Loader control files, ELF web logs, and MIMB-supported platforms
Deploy RowGen for application development and stress-testing, DB population, ETL prototyping, outsourcing, benchmarking, etc.
Benefit from RowGen's technical alliances with the leading hardware, database, data integration, BI application, and metadata vendors

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