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Provisioning big data for meaningful use is the next step in creating actionable information.

As it packages and protects data, IRI software can provide multiple batch or real-time targets at once, including:

Both the IRI Voracity platform for big data management, and its SortCL program from Voracity's subset IRI CoSort, product, externalize data preparation and provisioning in HDFS or your file system ... the fastest and most cost-effective places to stage big data.

At the same time, the metadata approach IRI software takes separates data from your applications, which means:

No Impact on Production. Major Time and Cost Savings.

  • Remove the heavy lifting of data transformation from production database, application, and BI tools/layers
  • Provide clean, secure and pre-formatted data through files, tables, pipes, and procedures to the targets that need that data, when they need it
  • Prevent the storage and synchronization problems associated with using multiple copies of data
  • Surgically select and insert data using SQL-compatible /QUERY and /UPDATE commands inside SortCL jobs to drive data flows according to business rules. Improve insight quality with fresher data.
  • Run your jobs on any platform, and on schedules subject to conditions you define and automate. Avoid the usual data warehouse and data mart update delays associated with manual provisioning.

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