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Join the IRI Partner Network

Join world-class industry leaders who work with IRI to achieve technical innovation and commercial growth.

Our partners consist of diverse, global, and cutting-edge companies driven to succeed.

By working with IRI, your customers will benefit from the proven performance, state-of-the-art functionality, and simpler UIs that have lead the way in data management and protection for almost 40 years. Partnerships with IRI lead to new business, faster solutions, and increased profitability over and over again.


Expert Consultants

In addition to the IRI Professional Services department and authorized IRI software resellers around the globe, many third-party service providers have developed expertise in Voracity, CoSort, FACT, NextForm, FieldShield, CellShield, and/or RowGen in the course of their domain-specific data-related consulting practices.

The companies listed in this section are familiar with IRI software and may be authorized to provide expert services in configuring, scripting, tuning, and/or integrating the products in specific industry or application environments.

Although IRI cannot officially endorse these companies, we recommend that you read these descriptions, visit their websites, and ask if their service teams can add value in your environment beyond standard IRI support services.

Become a Partner

If you are a consultant or end-user with expertise in our common areas of enterprise data management, consider obtaining official certification of your skill level in IRI software. This will entitle you to specific credentials and authorization from IRI to provide professional services and training worldwide.

IRI also supports reciprocal business partnerships to help meet the needs or our common customers in performing data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), data staging and integration, data masking or encryption, test data generation, Oracle reorg and other VLDB operations, legacy sort/data migration, database migration, and/or cloud or grid manifestations of the above.


Industry Alliances

IRI's data manipulation and managment technologies serve end-users and solution architects in very large database (VLDB), data warehouse ETL/ODS, OLAP/clickstream, application development, data governance, and mainframe migration environments. Providing best-in-class solutions and services are only possible, however, through partnerships.

As a pioneer in open systems software, we have a long history of alliances with other IT industry leaders. The synergies benefit each company, and our common customers.

View a list of our alliances: IRI Alliances

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International Resellers

There are now more than 40 international offices authorized to help you test, license, and support IRI products and solutions.

Interested in offering IRI solutions? Consider becoming an IRI reseller.

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Embed Opportunities

Power and Secure Your Apps with IRI Inside

IRI provides software for integration into third-party applications to provide them with big data manipulation performance or embedded security. Libraries include:

  • CoSort API - C library for high-performance sorting
  • SortCL Runtime API - C library for high-performance sorting, transformation, and reporting
  • FieldShield API - C, Java, or .Net SDK for dynamic data masking
  • RowGen API, pending - Java SDK for generating test data in Hadoop

Integrate and Sell Your Software in IRI Voracity

ISV partners can also engage with us in the other direction, contributing and indirectly selling their software into the IRI Voracity data management ecosystem as an available option. Examples include:

  • Solusi247 - for Hadoop integration so Voracity jobs run seamlessly in MapReduce, Spark, Storm, and Tez
  • CONNX - O/JDBC drivers to legacy and modern (appliance, cloud, SaaS) data sources
  • AnalytixDS - Mapping Manager and CATfx templates, for ETL design and third-party ETL tool conversion
  • PaQueS, pending - for shard-powered self-service BI and analytics