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One of the many things IRI is known for is rapid support.

IRI provides support for its software products and solutions through HQ developers and representatives around the world who care deeply about IRI technologies and their reputation for quality and reliability. Production users can usually speak with a technical support manager immediately, and receive a useful response or complete remedy in the same day.

Technical support is free during evaluation, and for the first year after product licensing. After that, there are additional support levels you can choose to insure and improve operation, even though your software will not expire. For more information about your company's service level agreement or site-specific entitlements, contact your IRI agent.



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This site should enhance the dialog you already enjoy with IRI support. If you work at a directly supported license site, you can request an access account. Use it to obtain updated release documentation and advanced usage information -- installation, tuning and usage tips, advanced job examples, etc.

The site undergoes frequent changes and welcomes your input, so if you cannot find what you are looking for here, please let us know.

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