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IRI software consistently delivers the most cost-effective, easiest-to-onboard solutions for big data management. Why?

IRI software is:
How So? Who says?

to configure and run

  • Big data customers like Comcast, who plug simple IRI FACT and IRI CoSort jobs into their massive data warehouse environments for more E, T, and L speed
  • IRI CoSort customers like WebDecisions and DBTech, who saved weeks configuring transforms in SortCL vs. SQL, and now perform them in 1/10th the time
  • IRI RowGen users like Bank of Montreal, and Data Vault experts like Dan Linstedt, who need fast, automatic bulk-loading of safe, realistic, referentially correct, and pre-sorted test data generated from scratch
to configure and run
Compare the self-documenting 4GL metadata and familiar Eclipse GUI of IRI software to complex ETL platforms and the skills gap and failure rates around Hadoop and DB-centric solutions. How long can you maintain mainframe experts, or an "army of geeks" for MapReduce or NoSQL?
in feature-functionality
  • Bank of America, who embeds HTML into their CoSort SortCL scripts to produce web-ready reports in the same job script and I/O pass with complex transformations
  • IRI FieldShield users like RBS Bank, who encrypt, convert, and validate data simultaneously
  • AIMHealth, who transforms and masks PHI for HIPAA compliance with one product and I/O pass
to own and use
Compare the 4- and 5-figure costs of perpetual-use IRI software with 6- and 7-figure ETL tools, in-memory and columnar databases, ELT appliances, Hadoop, and cloud solutions. Rather than throw hardware at the problem of big data, these customers use smarter IRI software to speed and scale up their jobs.

What else sets IRI apart? A very long record of technological vision, development agility, and customer support that now culminates in the IRI Voracity platform. Consider these:

IRI Company Attributes
IRI Customer Advantages
38-year focus on speed, ease, versatility, value SLAs met. Simplicity, extensibility, and peace of mind
Handling big data long before it was called big data Predictable, scalable production performance
First sort and data transformation products for Unix Reliability of open systems, not open source
First to join, aggregate, report, and mask data in files Built-in features like CDC and BI are easy and free
Develops all software from common source code One 4GL = one learning curve and shared metadata
Dedication to file system methods that work better Investing in proven performance, not hype (and failure)
Support for more than 120+ file formats & data types No concern about having data too foreign to process
Script-based approach, even under Eclipse Ergonomic job design and full runtime portability
Exposes metadata and does not restrict its use No worries about learning, using, or converting jobs
Extensive, worldwide support network Local licensing and technical services
Committed to fair, perpetual-use licensing Faster ROI and lower TCO

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