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Got Dark Data?

80% of the world's data sources are in unstructured or so-called dark data repositories. To mitigate the legal, financial, and reputational risk of exposing personally identifiable information (PII) in these often obscure files, you need a way to rapidly search and secure the PII in them.

From the makers of the award-winning IRI FieldShield and CellShield data masking software in the IRI Data Protector suite and IRI Voracity platform comes IRI DarkShield, a new sister product for the discovery, delivery, and deletion of sensitive information in unstructured files.

IRI DarkShield represents a breakthrough in data-centric security technology in performance, usability, and commercial terms. Specifically, DarkShield consolidates and multi-threads discovery, delivery, and deletion of sensitive data in multiple drives, formats, and search criteria. DarkShield combines the best of IRI, Eclipse™, and other proven security industry technologies to provide a single, user-friendly interface to do everything at once. And, as usual, IRI delivers this solution in an affordable, flexible set of licensing options accessible to businesses of every size.

Here's What You Need

DarkShield Unstructured Data Masking Software from IRI, The CoSort Company

DarkShield File Types

Currently Supported

text file icon xml file icon json file icon log file icon pdf file icon excel file icon

*Excel data is masked with IRI CellShield

In Development

word doc file icon powerpoint file icon outlook file icon

We can already find PII in .DOC/.DOCX, .PPT/.PPTX, .OST, and .PST, and are working on automatic remediation in those formats, too.

Next up: OCR/image files, audio/visual, and more...

Need a Format? Ask Us

Platforms & Licensing

IRI DarkShield requires at least 1 copy of the IRI Workbench IDE, built on Eclipse Neon. You can run IRI Workbench on any Windows, Linux, or MacOS Sierra PC or workstation with 64-bit JRE 1.8.

IRI DarkShield can be licensed in any one of three different ways:

  1. Standalone, for perpetual use, between USD $3500 and $35K, depending on work volume.
  2. Bundled and discounted with one or more other perpetual use IRI Data Protector or IRI Data Manager suite products. Perpetual use licenses include the first year of support.
  3. Leased for 1-5 years within an IRI Voracity data management platform subscription, which includes support.
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