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In customer organizations, it is typically the most clever (and cost-conscious) IT professionals, working with large and/or sensitive data volumes who work with IRI. They include:

  • CFOs and CIOs looking for a better value and a way out of their legacy sort or ETL platform
  • CDOs wanting more features, data sources, and ergonomics in their data management platform
  • data scientists needing easier, affordable, and privacy-compliant Hadoop-driven ETL or analytics
  • DW and ODS teams building or trying to optimize the performance of ETL, ELT, or ETLT jobs
  • business users who need raw data prepared in meaningful and/or re-usable subsets
  • BI architects who want to combine analytics with managed data integration, masking, etc.
  • programmer/analysts who need a faster way to sort, report, capture changed data
  • DBAs needing faster profiling, unload, load, migration, replication, or reorg solutions
  • CISOs or data governance or compliance teams needing to mask PII or PH at rest or in motion
  • developers who need safe, intelligent test data without relying on production data

See the specific job titles in this section, as well as Industries, for more information.

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