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IRI Brings Big Data to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 7

IRI Leverages Latest RHEL Features in CoSort-Compatible Data Management Software Line

Melbourne, Fla. (December 16, 2014) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., The CoSort® Company, has successfully ported its flagship data manipulation package, IRI CoSort, to Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7 (“RHEL 7”). CoSort on RHEL 7 enables big data users to package, protect, and present information faster and more affordably than ever before, using a familiar operating system on commodity hardware. CoSort’s validation also means that its purpose-built spin-offs for data and database migration (IRI NextForm), data masking (IRI FieldShield), and test data generation (IRI RowGen), also run under RHEL 7.

CoSort is designed to transform and prepare big data sets, and to accelerate DB, ETL, and BI operations. “These activities align perfectly with RHEL 7’s new 500TB XFS file system, performance profiling and optimization features, and scalable deployment options,” according to Red Hat’s Senior Director of Global Technology Ecosystems, Mike Werner. “This also typifies IRI’s active role in our technology partner network. Both companies are focused on delivering on the promises of enterprise class software and fast user adoption,” he added.

CoSort releases have been certified on Red Hat Linux since the introduction of that operating system 10 years ago. “The rapid growth of IRI’s software business on Red Hat Linux testifies to the interoperability and popularity of both platforms,” observed IRI Business Development VP David Friedland. “What’s provided in this combination of operating and data management systems software is a unique blend of scalability, reliability, and affordability,” he added.

RHEL 7 features enhanced application development, delivery, portability and isolation through Linux Containers -- including “Docker” -- across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments, as well as development, test and production environments. “The test data generation and real data processing capabilities of IRI software can now run seamlessly across these environments,” observed IRI Technical Support Director Susan Gegner. “

IRI software’s data masking functions also compliment RHEL 7’s enhanced application isolation and security features which are applied via containerization. Specifically, IRI jobs would assign specific protections to data at rest in the operating system’s flat files and databases, while containers like Docker use JAAS to lock down programs accessing data. According to Gegner, “both methods can work together to protect sensitive information assets from either unintentional interference or malicious attacks.”

About IRI, The CoSort Company

Founded in 1978, IRI develops fast, Eclipse-supported software tools for managing and protecting big data in: legacy migration, DW/BI, and application development environments. IRI’s major products include: CoSort® for sorting, transformation, and reporting; FACT™ (Fast Extract) for VLDB unloads and reorgs; NextForm® for data and DB conversion; FieldShield for static and dynamic data masking; and, RowGen™ for creating safe, realistic test data from your metadata.

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