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IRI Chakra Max

Chakra Max is fast, affordable database (DB) firewall software for high-transaction-volume environments. Monitor, block, alert, and log users and traffic in real-time without impacting DB performance.

Join the thousands of DBAs and security administrators using Chakra Max to safeguard PII and other enterprise assets, in 20 on-premise and cloud DBs.

Set Policy

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Impose DB Controls

Control (DB) access and permissible SQL executions by user and rule. Mask data dynamically, too. Apply your policies across multiple DB instances at once.

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Monitor Activity

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Protect in Real Time

Detect, alert, and log all session activity, from connection to log in, to SQL query and execution, all via packets. Graph the stats and monitor DB performance, too.

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Secure Audits

Data being delivered to multiple machines from a mainframe

Prove Your Compliance

Record every forensic scrap and analyze trends in comprehensive logs. Query them in any way, print in multiple report formats, and use them to reset policies.

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Data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) for databases is now a mature governance technology. Why is one DCAP product better than another?

IRI Chakra Max provides fast, robust control, monitoring, protection, and auditing functionality in high traffic environments, but has no impact on database performance. It does not need an appliance, and can run with (or without) the total data management platform, IRI Voracity.

Use Chakra Max in multiple, state-of-the-art connection modes to balance the speed and strength of your database firewalls across the enterprise.

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IRI Chakra Max Use Cases

Auto & Truck Parts

Hankook Tire Logo

"With 21,000 employees, and sales in more than 180 countries, we chose Chakra Max for its robust DAM/DAP performance and scalability."


LG Logo

"Chakra Max secures access to our sensitive information in mission-critical customer databases across our mobile services network."

HIPAA Covered Entity


"The dynamic data masking and secure audit log facilities in Chakra Max provide the PHI protection and compliance verification we need."

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DCAP Without the Impact

Control Database Access

  • Fine tune log in privileges
  • Define allowable transactions
  • Block via packets and agents

Process Work Approvals

  • Persist global SQL policies
  • Set execution and duration caps
  • Inform users automatically

Mask Columns Dynamically

  • Redact full or partial columns
  • Expose data selectively
  • Retain plain text in source tables

Monitor Database Use

  • See user ID & traffic details
  • Track DB performance
  • Send real-time alerts

Record & Analyze Activity

  • Log pre-defined detail
  • Search the audit data
  • Print in 14 formats

Guarantee Log Integrity

  • Set log access controls
  • Encrypt & backup the logs
  • Restore & search deleted logs

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Consider IRI Chakra Max if you ...

  • have databases containing PAN, PII, PHI, or other sensitive information
  • need a standard multi-source, data-centric audit and protection solution
  • need central and differential control over DB access and SQL execution policies
  • need to monitor and block access to your DBs in real time, and send alerts
  • have a legacy DB monitoring solution that's too slow or expensive
  • need to classify sensitive data, and mask it dynamically with RBAC
  • must create compliant, detailed audit reports of data access and security events
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