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Voracity Named a Production Analytic Platform

Data Integration Paradigm Inventor Details Role of IRI Stack

Melbourne, FL - September 23, 2018 - Innovative Routines International, Inc. (IRI, The CoSort Company), a leader in enterprise data management, has announced that Dr. Barry Devlin of 9sight Consulting -- and one of founders of the data warehousing industry -- recently identified IRI Voracity as a "Production Analytic Platform." The Production Analytic Platform is a new data integration paradigm that Devlin defined to merge the benefits of the data warehouse and the data lake for faster insight. Voracity is IRI’s flagship data management platform for data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics.

Devlin described the Production Analytic Platform paradigm in an early 2018 BeyeNETWORK interview as an architecture for business users who need to make faster, more consistent decisions from a wider and larger range of data sources. According to Devlin, "the purpose of a Production Analytic Platform is to equalize and combine the informational world of using data for insight with the operational one of processing and actioning it." At that time, he identified Teradata as a supporting technology for its ability to manipulate and analyze data in a database.

A subsequent presentation to the BBBT on the Voracity platform introduced Devlin to alternative technology from IRI for combining data integration and analytics; i.e., where multi-source data processing and presentation runs in one I/O pass, defined in one job designed in Eclipse, and powered interchangeably in IRI CoSort or Hadoop engines. Voracity users can either 2D-report on, or BIRT-graph, data for insight during manipulation, or wrangle the data for far faster display in other visualization tools like MicroStrategy, Power BI, QlikView, Splunk, SpotFire, or Tableau.

“Right from my first exposure to Voracity, I was impressed by its breadth of functions, which spans so many aspects of the Production Analytic Platform. This product is possibly one of the best kept data management software secrets,” Devlin remarked. More information on the Production Analytic Platform and Voracity’s role in it is linked from this page:

About 9sight Consulting

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Barry Devlin, 9sight Consulting provides the innovative thinking and thirty years of practical experience required to move enterprises beyond basic business intelligence to a new world of deep business insight and innovative action. Visit for more information.

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Founded in 1978, IRI is a US data management and protection ISV best known for fast, affordable data manipulation products. ETL architects, DBAs, CISOs and developers use IRI software in a wide range of big data, DW/BI, DevOps, database, and data security uses cases. Visit for more information.

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