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Produce Insight As You Prepare Big Data

The whole point of collecting data is ultimately to produce information and insight. And the better informational pictures your data can paint, the better decisions you can make. To reach those decisions today however means being able to 1) rapidly integrate an increasing volume and variety of raw data, and 2) seamlessly derive analytic insight from it through meaningful reports and displays that you trust. If you can do both quickly and cost-effectively, you can outpace competitors who cannot. 

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The IRI Voracity data management platform is the fastest, most affordable place to combine the activities of big data integration and wrangling with immediate reporting or third-party analytic applications. Voracity provides a modern, metadata management framework for data discovery, integration, migration, governance and analytics in Eclipse.

Powered by IRI CoSort or Hadoop engines, Voracity offers embedded BI, data wrangling, or a hybrid of the two, during optimized, task-consolidated data manipulation jobs. Because of this, Voracity can be the software foundation of a logical data warehouse or data mesh architecture, as well as what's been described as a Production Analytic Platform.

Introducing the Production Analytic Platform

Because of its unique combinatory capabilities, Voracity is also an enabler and accessible manifestation of, a new data integration paradigm called the Production Analytic Platform. Defined by data warehouse expert Dr. Barry Devlin, the purpose of a Production Analytic Platform is to equalize and combine the informational world of using data for insight with the operational one of processing and actioning it.

Stars and aurora borealis blending in the sky

By performing and combining data integration, governance, and analytics directly in Voracity, you can:

  • de-layer the data warehouse by combining operations in one pass
  • stop buying more hardware (like ELT appliances) or taxing DB users
  • incorporate data discovery, cleansing, masking, and metadata management
  • eliminate the complexity and expense of legacy ETL and specialty data wrangling tools
  • end the war of words and operational dichotomies between data warehouses and data lakes
  • create insight and digital business transformations much faster and more affordably than ever before

Again, the point is that Voracity can simultaneously process and present data, or feed wrangled results to your visualization tool for faster display. 

Dive Deeper

Take a closer look at this paradigm through the resources below, and understand what is now possible -- and affordable -- only with IRI Voracity:

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