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IRI FieldShield users in the IRI Workbench can define protection rules to apply across one or more data sources at a time. This protects columns in multiple tables with similar content in the same way.*

For example, you may want to apply format-preserving encryption to all the columns in a database with a social security number (which may be a key). If those column names can be pattern-matched by an expression, the defined rule will apply.

The protection rule can be defined, stored, and re-used with the rule library:

These rules can also be established on a more global basis and applied automatically as part of a broader, integrated data classification and protection function application process.

* Cross-table rule application not only avoids the need to specify protections repeatedly, it also preserves referential integrity. The same values will be protected (usually encrypted) in the same way. Subsequent ciphertext results will match, and thus behave (i.e., join and query) in the same way (e.g., after encryption) as they did prior to the protection.

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