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Bloor Research Highlights IRI Healthcare Data Management

Analyst Report and Podcast Detail How Voracity Addresses Industry’s Unique Data Challenges

Melbourne, FL - 15 August 2023 - Innovative Routines International (IRI, The CoSort Company), a leading US-based developer of data manipulation and masking software, and Bloor Research, an independent UK-based research firm for objective, high-quality analysis of enterprise information technology have collaborated on insight and recommendations for addressing the unique volume, variety and sensitivity challenges of data generated in the healthcare industry.

According to Paul Bevan, a senior Bloor Research analyst and former director in an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, “improved health outcomes require overall patient and data handling efficiency, and a focus on “understanding the patient journey”. In the Bloor Research “InContext” report entitled Data Preparation Challenges in Healthcare and Voracity from IRI.

In that report, Bevan posits that accurate, timely data from a number of different sources must be able to be collected and wrangled for use in analytics, as well as anonymized to protect patient health information (PHI). His research on the IRI Voracity data management platform revealed that it delivers “broad data integration and transformation functionality … within a unified, centralized, integrated platform.”

IRI Voracity leverages the big data processing power of the IRI CoSort engine to optimize and consolidate data transformations like filtering, sorting, joining, aggregation, and conversion, whilst also cleansing, masking, and reformatting data from clinical and claim-related sources. Its outputs are used for healthcare marketing, research, analytics, and insurance fraud detection.

Subsequent to the InContext material, Bevan recorded a 22-minute podcast with IRI SVP David Friedland similarly entitled Data Preparation Challenges in Healthcare which delved into the variety of healthcare data sources and special considerations behind PHI de-identification. For example, analysis of wearable medical devices to diagnose and treat conditions require rapid processing of IoT streams via CoSort in Voracity. Spreadsheets, transcribed notes, HL7 and X12 EDI files, and DICOM images are PHI sources which DarkShield in Voracity must mask.

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