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IRI Named a 2023 DBTA Top 75 Big Data Solution Provider

Database Trends & Application Features the IRI Voracity Platform in Annual Vendor Review

Melbourne, FL - September 15, 2023 -- Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) magazine has named Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., a/k/a The CoSort Company, to its 2023 list of the Big Data 75: Companies Driving Innovation in 2023. The list was just published in DBTA’s Big Data Quarterly (BDQ) edition “to support organizations in navigating through new challenges and a rapidly evolving big data ecosystem” by presenting “companies driving innovation and expanding what is possible in terms of collecting, storing, and extracting value from data.”

According to DBTA Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Simone, while “AI technologies gained immediate traction earlier this year … the workhorse that must be attended to behind the scenes are databases and associated data environments. Data needs to be secure, highly available, and viable for AI and other advanced initiatives to succeed within enterprises.”

This message is consistent with recent Bloor Research on AI. In his article Prepare and Protect Data for AI with Voracity, Bloor analyst Daniel Howard explained that “it is all too easy to forget that AI models are trained on data, and that if that data is lacking in some way – if much of it is incorrect, if there’s missing or duplicated data, if there’s unsecured sensitive data, or if there’s undetected and unaccounted for bias in the data, to name only a handful of possibilities – whatever results your AI system spits out will be similarly flawed. It is very much a garbage in, garbage out paradigm.”

IRI SVP David Friedland agreed and opined that this reality drove DBTA to feature the IRI Voracity data management platform so prominently in the DBTA big data company list.” IRI has been a pioneer in the big data industry, with solutions to package, protect, and provision data for analytics, ML/AI, and DevOps.

Voracity runs on-premise or in customer-managed cloud environments to perform, speed, and consolidate the key activities of data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics. Powered by the IRI CoSort big data manipulation engine and built-on the ergonomic IDE or Eclipse or no-code apps like DataSwitch, Voracity can address a wide range of big data management challenges in multiple industries.

According to a recent report by Research and Markets, the global big data and business analytics market in 2022 was valued at $294.16 billion. The market value is anticipated to grow to $662.63 billion by 2028, increasing a CAGR of 14.48% during the forecast period of 2023–2028. The software segment is the dominant component.

“We believe the range and sophistication of Voracity’s high volume data management capabilities are what keep Voracity on DBTA and other analyst firm radars,” Friedland said. Voracity is highlighted online in the DBTA’s Top 75 list here:

About Database Trends and Applications
Database Trends and Applications (DBTA), published by Information Today, Inc., is a bimonthly magazine that delivers advanced trend analysis and case studies in data management. DBTA also delivers groundbreaking market research exclusively through its Unisphere Research group. Visit for subscription information. 

About IRI, The CoSort Company
IRI is a US data management and protection ISV founded in 1978 and represented in 40 cities worldwide. IRI’s uniquely fast and versatile data manipulation engines -- and its free Eclipse job design environment -- provide the most price-performant and ergonomic solution software for big data and BI/DW architects, data security and governance officers, DBAs, and developers. Visit for more information.

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