Safe Test Data Generation


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Managing & Generating Smart Test Data

Faculties of IRI test data generation

Do you need an easier way to:

  • create test DBs with structurally and referentially correct data
  • simulate and share file and report layouts
  • develop and stress-test applications
  • benchmark new hardware and software
  • conduct data warehouse ETL testing

using your data models and metadata, but not production data?

Table views, index orders, key relationships, and file and report contents, must reflect reality to be useful in testing. Generating realistic values and formats with safe data in ideal ranges -- and populating large targets -- can take a long time with other tools or programs.

With the IRI RowGen product or IRI Voracity platform, you can generate multiple test data targets for test database loads, flat-file structures, and custom report formats.

RowGen leverages the DDL information for Oracle, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, and other RDBs to create realistic tables with structural and referential integrity. Use RowGen to populate an entire test enterprise data warehouse (EDW).

Additional RowGen Capabilities

RowGen can also create test data directly in many sequential file formats:

  • Record, line, or variable sequential
  • CSV
  • LDIF
  • Text (fixed or delimited)
  • XML
  • COBOL index
  • Mainframe blocked
  • Detail/summary report
IRI solutions for creation of realistic but inauthentic test data

RowGen randomly generates field values in more than 100 data types. It can also randomly select data from set files at the field level. That, along with custom/compound data values, value ranges, and distributions, improve test data realism.

Support for standard and complex data transformations, set files, and conditional selection also contribute to RowGen's value in simulating production table and file formats for a variety of applications.

See these links for more information on using safe test data for:

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