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Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) is the free, open source reporting system built on Eclipse™. Millions of developers use BIRT worldwide.

BIRT is also the foundation of the OpenText BIRT iHub, a commercial extension for advanced dashboards, scorecards, predictive analytics, and other sophisticated data visualizations and rich internet applications. 

IRI collaborated with OpenText to combine fast data preparation with free or commercial BIRT visualizations in Eclipse. BIRT works directly with the SortCL program licensed to IRI CoSort or IRI Voracity users in the same Eclipse pane of glass to produce powerful reports from immediate fit-for-purpose data sets.

Specifically, SortCL data preparation programs wrangle data in disparate data sources for BIRT users by filtering, cleansing, sorting, joining, aggregating, masking, and formatting their data, then passing it into BIRT, either:

  • statically, by producing flat (CSV) file subsets that BIRT can rapidly ingest and use as a data source


  • dynamically, via in-memory transfer of wrangled results into industry-driven BIRT templates (through ODA in Eclipse)

This dynamic integration provides for seamless metadata exchange and data flows for end-to-end data preparation and presentation -- from SortCL to BIRT. For more information, see this announcement and this how-to article.

Now you can easily and quickly prepare data for BIRT reports without leaving Eclipse, or resorting to a database, Hadoop , third-party ETL or  expensive data blending engine. The SortCL program inside the IRI CoSort data transformation product or IRI Voracity data management platform feeds data and metadata directly into BIRT at reporting time so you can focus on data presentation, not preparation.

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