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All DI feature/functions are supported in the IRI Voracity data management platform or individually in IRI Data Manager suite products, which for ETL purposes include: IRI FACT (Fast Extract), IRI CoSort (transform/migrate/report), and IRI Workbench (GUI). CoSort (SortCL) subsumes IRI FieldShield data masking, IRI NextForm data migration, and IRI RowGen test data generation capabilities.

Business Models Terms
Standard or Suite
You can license the:
  • Voracity platform for consolidated data discovery (profiling), integration, migration, governance, and analytics, or,
  • IRI Data Manager suite, to address discrete bottlenecks in E, T, or L
  • individual IRI products to accomplish a narrower set of functions

Free GUI Use
Deploy the IRI Workbench IDE on any number of workstations for no-cost project development, testing, execution, modification, and sharing.
Perpetual Use
Default model for on-premise installations. Pricing based on hardware configuration, with discounts in volume and D/R. Documentation and support included for first year.
Leased / Subscription
Applies to Voracity by default, or other IRI software if preferred. Annual or discounted multi-year installments are pro-rated against perpetual use pricing. Includes support and upgrades.
Open Source
Applies only to IRI Workbench GUI, currently free and built on Eclipse.
Contact IRI for software as a service (SaaS) terms and availability.
Support and Documentation Description
Internet Forums
IRI and third-party portals like LinkedIn
Reference Materials
.pdf installation guides and product manuals, indexed and in-context GUI help, application (how-to) guides and white papers, technical blog articles, knowledge base, FAQ
Standard Support
Get technical assistance with installation, tuning, implementation, bug fixes, and updates.
Premium Support
Get standard support anytime (24/7), plus upgrades.
Get help from IRI or independent experts.

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