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Anonymize Your Data

Do you need to anonymize sensitive data; i.e., can you disguise personally identifiable information (PII)? And, can you do it in a way that:

  • is safe from hacking, or bypass (gleaning the information from other data)?
  • cannot be linked back to the person (de-anonymized; e.g. through a hash)?
  • preserves the original column and field layouts (position, size data type)?
  • keeps the anonymized data looking real enough for testing purposes?
  • is convenient, simple, efficient, affordable, and compliant?

With IRI FieldShield, other IRI Data Protector suite software products, or the IRI Voracity total data management platform, you can easily obfuscate PII columns in database tables, files and other sources with reversible and irreversible data masking methods. You can also protect data at the byte or sub-string level, and/or record (row) level.

The protection method you choose determines the appearance of the anonymized fields, and the likelihood of recovering the original values.

Non-Recoverable Functions

Irreversible data-centric anonymization options in IRI software include:

Recoverable Functions

Reversible data-centric anonymization options in IRI software include:

Anonymous Test Data

IRI RowGen uses the same metadata as FieldShield and Voracity to randomly generate or select realistic test data.

RowGen creates anonymous data for databases and custom file formats without production data.

Voracity includes FieldShield and RowGen.

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