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If the fastest place to stage a data warehouse database (DB) is in the file system, what is the fastest way to load them? There are many ways to load DBs, including:

  • single or bulk row inserts
  • create or insert (with append hint) as select from another table
  • conventional and direct path loads

Many DBAs do not know the fastest method, and instead use proprietary export/import tools that tax their databases and do not serve heterogeneous data warehouse architectures.


CoSort software in the IRI Data Manager suite or IRI Voracity (ETL) platform can create and populate any database table directly with either surgical or bulk methods.

Surgical: Use built-in ODBC create, insert, truncate, update and append functions inside CoSort SortCL data mainpulation and mapping jobs as you define your targets. Or, use direct DB connection and SQL features built-into the Eclipse IRI Workbench GUI supporting CoSort, Voracity, FieldShield (data masking), NextForm (data/DB migration), etc.

Bulk: Voracity ETL and other new job creation wizards in IRI Workbench provide automatic table creation and loader control file generation for targeting Altibase iLoader, DB2 UDB load, Oracle sqllder, SQL Server and Sybase bcp, and Teradata fast and multi-load. This lets you leverage the fastest method for bulk loading relational DBs... pre-sorted files. See this article:

Blog > VLDB Operations > High Speed DB Loading

The CoSort data transformation phase of Voracity jobs can rapidly sort flat files in index order that RDB load utilities can rapidly pump into tables while bypassing slower, DB-taxing internal sorts. Having tables in order, and removing bulk transformation overhead from the DB layer, both improve query performance.

You can also use CoSort with or without Voracity to transform and report on big data so your DB does not have to. It's all about freeing up your DB for what it does best: store and query.

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