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Data preparation (transformation) in the IRI CoSort SortCL program can occur before, or during, BIRT reporting operations:

  • Before BIRT, SortCL could hand off data to a CSV file or DB table that BIRT could use


  • During BIRT, SortCL output field and metadata passes to BIRT via ODA in real time

Building a BIRT report that uses SortCL-prepared data in real-time is as simple as it is efficient:

1) Create or modify the SortCL data preparation job in the same Eclipse GUI where BIRT is running - the IRI Workbench. In the SortCL script, your first target definition section must specify /OUTFILE=stdout so the BIRT report will use the standard output of SortCL as its "IRI Data Source."

2) Ensure that all /OUTFILE fields included in your report also specify supporting fields. For example, include the /SUMMARY fields so their formatted fields get populated with aggregate values.

3) Tell your BIRT report template to use the output fields named in the stdout section of the SortCL script, so those values feed the display. BIRT can also perform further calculations on the SortCL results, if necessary.

Note that you can also independently target other file, table, and/or procedural targets while generating stdout for BIRT.

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