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Fast, Easy Big Data Reporting

One of the key built-in (embedded) capabilities in all IRI data management products is report generation.*

Reporting is typically done through SortCL programs in the IRI Voracity platform or IRI CoSort product. Its users performing big data transformations can also generate one or more custom-formatted detail and summary reports in the same job script and I/O pass; i.e., they run BI directly with ETL!

Structured data (database or flat file) sources are well supported, as are are many forms of semi-structured and unstructured data. There are no limits on the number of sources or targets. See this source list, and this diagram.

Define report specifications in a text editor, or wizards in the Eclipse GUI for all IRI software, IRI Workbench. Run reports from the command line, batch scripts, the GUI, or applications (as a system or API call).

Why Use IRI Software for BI?

Embed BI report production within high-performance data integration, data migration, data masking and test data generation at the same time.

Get most of the same data manipulation and reporting features of SQL and ICE-TOOL, but with more speed, simplicity, and interoperability. Simultaneous visualize analyzed data with BIRT and prepare data for other tools..

What else?

  • high velocity in high volume, allowing on-the-fly 'what-if' integration-to-report iterations
  • support for any number of sources and targets
  • multi-target and layout customization flexibility
  • extensive data transformation (sort, join, aggregate, cross-calc, pivot, etc.) and formatting functions
  • creation in the same job script and I/O pass with transformation, migration, and/or field-level protection
  • syntax simplicity, even for complex derived field and statistical functions
  • graphical job creation and interactive job script editing
  • platform portability for script design and execution
  • report version control and team sharing in Eclipse

See some of the reporting functionality and formatting options available for basic reporting in this section.

What Other Reports Can I Produce?

Beyond detail and summary reports, run:

  • pivot transformations to re-map and de/normalize data (while reporting)
  • change data capture (CDC) reports
  • customer data integration (CDI) and segmentation
  • predictive graphs using fuzzy lookup logic, conditions, and regression
  • clickstream analytics (data webhouse)
  • fixed or streaming IoT device data aggregates
  • slowly changing dimension (SCD) reports

And If I Need More Cabability?

If you also need:

  • advanced data visualization and drill-down
  • dashboards and knowledge performance indicators (KPI)
  • knowledge management or knowledge mapping
  • data mining and predictive analytics

Data franchising (preparation) activities in IRI software help third-party analytic & BI tools visualize your data faster. Or, run IRI data preparation jobs seamlessly with BIRT reports you design in the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse.

* IRI's FieldShield (data masking), NextForm (data migration), and RowGen (test data generation) products are spin-offs of the CoSort SortCL program and included capabilites in the Voracity platform. For that reason, they can produce the same kinds of custom report layouts.

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