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IRI Data Masking Tools

DarkShield: Discover and Mask Data Everywhere

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Discover, Deliver & Delete PII

Find sensitive data in semi- or unstructured sources using multiple search techniques. Use the search results to simultaneously (or later) extract, redact, or fix the PII to comply with GDPR data portability, erasure, or rectification provisions.

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Local or Cloud Protection

Whether the PII is on your desktop, across your network, or in cloud straorge, the DarkShield data masking tool can protect it. DarkShield finds and masks PII and other sensitive information in multiple structured, semi-structured, and unstructured DB and file formats in multiple silos via GUI or API.

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Generate Audit-Ready Reports

Query and display DarkShield search and remediation results in its built-in, interactive dashboard. Or, use IRI CoSort or your RDB to analyze it. Or, export the log data and customize your visualizations in SIEM tools like Datadog or Splunk ES:

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