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Operational Platforms

IRI DarkShield leverages the IRI Workbench IDE, built on Eclipse™ for data classification and discovery, masking job configuration and execution, and job auditing. It also requires a masking executable licensed on the same platform.

Compatible operating systems, on-premise or in the cloud, are Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. If for some reason you require the masking executable or callable library (API, web service) to run on a different system than Workbench, let us know. In the case of the API, the library can also run on other flavors of Unix.

DarkShield performance will depend on data volume and complexity; a minimum of 4GB of RAM and 2 physical or virtual cores is recommended.

Licensing and Support Information

IRI DarkShield can be licensed from IRI or its representatives worldwide in one of three ways:

  1. Standalone, for perpetual use on a single job-executing hostname, costing between USD $4K-40K in North America, and between 6-60K through a VAR abroad. The price is based on the number of estimated files or documents you need to search and/or mask each year. The license fee basis can be adjusted at support renewal times. Maintenance (support and updates) is free in the first year, then available at 20% in succeeding years. If you use DarkShield for relational or NoSQL database collections instead, it will be priced the same as IRI FieldShield here.
  2. Bundled and discounted with one or more other perpetual use IRI Data Protector or IRI Data Manager suite products. Again, perpetual use licenses include the first year of maintenance.
  3. Free within an IRI Voracity data management platform subscription, which includes maintenance along with IRI FieldShield, IRI CellShield EE, IRI RowGen, IRI CoSort, etc. Five executing hostnames in the first pricing tier. 

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