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Important note: The FAQs below are not a comprehensive resource, and only address a fraction of the available capabilities in IRI software or questions people ask.

Please visit the IRI solutions and products sections to learn more. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or need details on specific features or options applicable to your use case(s).

+ BI & Analytics

+ Data Governance - RBAC

+ DW ETL Operations

+ IRI Business

+ CoSort Sorting

+ Data Privacy (PII Discovery, Masking, Auditing) - IRI 'Shield' Tools in Voracity / Data Protector Suite

+ CoSort & Compatible IRI Product Installation

+ Flat Files

+ IRI Software Pricing

+ Job Monitoring, Recovery, and Logging

+ ISV (OEM) Integration

+ Master Data

+ Oracle Acceleration

+ Synthetic Test Data (RowGen-specific) Questions

+ Support Site

+ Large XML File Creation/Conversion

+ Custom Transformations

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