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Platform and Data Availability

IRI FieldShield jobs work identically across all Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms. FieldShield jobs and library functions can be run from:

  • API calls
  • batch programs
  • command-line operations
  • database applications
  • SQL procedures (custom, in-situ)
  • The IRI Workbench GUI, built-on Eclipse™

There are no restrictions on table or file sizes, or the number of columns or fields. Most FieldShield functions can be applied to more than 100 single- and multi-byte data types in these sources.

Direct access to Excel, RDBMS tables, and many legacy data sources requires ODBC drivers. Among the flat-file formats that FieldShield can protect directly (without drivers) include: CSV (and other delimited), fixed-position text, flat XML, LDIF, CLR and ELF web logs, Micro Focus Variable Length (MFVL), and Unicode.

If you need to mask data in more proprietary, semi-structured, or unstructured data sources, see this page and tell us what you have.

Licensing and Support Information

FieldShield back-end development and production (unlimited) licenses for masking and unmasking data are provided for perpetual use (capex) on Windows, Linux, and Unix hardware, and are volume-discounted in simultaneous procurements. First-copy license fees range from USD $12K to $24K in the US, and up to $30K overseas, depending on configuration, location and support levels. Embedded runtime and ummasking-only (limited) licenses for distributed deployment are discounted in volume tiers.

Each unlimited license includes:

  • any number of IRI Workbench graphical job design and management instances, built on Eclipse
  • PII discovery and classification (plus DB, flat-file, and dark/document data profiling)
  • static data masking job wizards, diagrams, and audit trails
  • re-ID risk scoring for FERPA and HIPAA Expert Determination Method compliance
  • support for dynamic data masking via callable programs or library functions
  • support for any number of users and structured data sources/targets
  • a free IRI CellShield add-in license
  • discount for IRI CellShield EE, and credit towards IRI Voracity (total data management) upgrades
  • full documentation

Support is free in the first year, then optionally renewable thereafter at 20%. Support for, and leased (opex) use of, FieldShield is also included in IRI Voracity "total data management" platform subscriptions, which additionally provide for:

  • database subsetting with masking
  • test data generation from scratch
  • database and flat-file migration, replication, ETL, data quality, and BI/analytics

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