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Downsizing from a mainframe, porting data between applications, updating, moving to the cloud, or just switching database versions? Need to find, classify, re-map, and/or trace data changes along the way? These are all keys to unlocking the value of business application data in operational databases, COBOL files, and more.

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The IRI Voracity platform or IRI Data Manager suite, and the component NextForm product in particular, deliver a wide range of file and SQL data migration solutions, plus data replication and more. With IRI data migration software, you can rapidly and cost-effectively convert data types, reformat files, and migrate database data.  

See the Bloor Research article on IRI Data Migration and Modernization here. Explore IRI data migration software in this section (tabs above), and compare it to legacy data migration tools here

Contact IRI Professional Services for help with more complex conversion projects. IRI also provides other database performance optimization and data-centric security solutions you can review in our database operations section.

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