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46 Years and Still the Fastest!

CoSort: The Open Systems Standard

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High Performance Data Manipulation

Why is CoSort v10.5 the best engine for DW transformations, DB loads, BI data wrangling, and application acceleration? Decades of proven power, affordability, and reliability.

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Save on Time, Costs, and CPU

Simple CoSort metadata and advanced resource exploitation speed job design and data delivery. Sort, join, aggregate, and load 10x faster than SQL and 6x faster than ETL tools. Do more in one pass and pay less.

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Simplify Job Design and Deployment

With a rich job design IDE built on Eclipse™, you can easily create and manage CoSort jobs. Easily modify and run them from the IRI Workbench GUI, your ETL tool (or IRI Voracity), in batch, etc.

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CoSort Use Cases

Task Consolidation

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"CoSort runs our data filtering, sorting, merging, aggregating, and reformatting tasks together, and manages them all in one script we can easily understand and tweak."

Unlimited Mappings

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"CoSort moves data between massive sources and targets efficiently. We can pre-sort to speed loads and create hand-off files for BI at the same time."

Database Acceleration

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"We use CoSort for change data capture and offline reorgs -- improving performance 80%. It removes our data volume ceiling and speeds up queries."

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Total Data Manipulation

Transform Functions

  • Aggregate
  • Cross-Calculate
  • Custom Transforms
  • Format-Mask / Validate
  • Lookups
  • Match / Join
  • Pivot / Unpivot
  • Re-Map / Reformat
  • Scrub / Cleanse
  • Select / Filter
  • Sort / Merge
  • Substrings
  • Type-Convert

"Super Tool" Functions

  • Batch Reporting
  • Change Data Capture
  • Data Franchising
  • Data Federation
  • Data Integration
  • Data Masking
  • Data Migration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Replication
  • Data Staging
  • Data Transformation
  • JCL Sort Conversion
  • Test Data Generation

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Before or Instead of Hadoop, Try This...

The Hadoop Elephant

With Hadoop's skills gap and failure rate, and CoSort's proven performance, see why big data processing still starts -- and can stay -- with CoSort.

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Informatica Pushdown Optimization with CoSort

CoSort optimizes ETL operations in Informatica using a new Pushdown Optimization option. Transform big data outside the database with CoSort.

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One Data Blender, Many Analytic Paths

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As CoSort prepares raw data, it can provide it with or for BI. Create 2D reports, real-time BIRT and Splunk displays, cloud dashboards, or hand-offs.

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Consider CoSort if you are ...

  • waiting for your ETL tool to sort, join, and/or aggregate
  • trying to move sorts, reports, and/or data off the mainframe
  • looking for a simpler, longer proven alternative to Hadoop jobs
  • wanting to do what SQL procedures do but faster, or on flat-files
  • wishing you could easily accelerate VLDB loads, reorgs, or queries
  • needing to blend, cleanse, mask or otherwise prep data for BI/analytics
  • developing an application that needs a faster sort or report engine inside
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